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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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are left starving and left in horrible conditions. they are new being nursed back to health. good morning, it is thursday, january 28th i'm erika von tiehl. weather has been warming up. the that is helping to melt that snow we got last weekend. lauren casey is in for kate/the sky deck. we have had so much snow on the sky deck how sit looking earlier. >> no, and in the a trace, left. the last time i was out here it was about 18 inches of snow, on the the sky deck buzz temperatures are melt ago way that snow pack but this morning, it is a little chilly. i can assess out here on the cbs-3 sky deck. we are in the middle 20's in philadelphia temperatures down the the shore 21 degrees, we're in the teens in the poconos, our saving grace, calm to light wind. so no wind chill impact but it is a coal start to the thursday. storm scan three showing us quite the the conditions, just a couple of cloud, cruising on through and it will be a quiet winter day to day and we will do more melting a little bit a as we head in the afternoon
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but a cold but sunny start to the day, 26 degrees for the the 9:00 o'clock hour. we will need to bundle up at lunch heading out to grab a snack, 36 degrees for the noon hour as we head into 3:00 o'clock 40 degrees, right around our high temperature for the the day. we will see a few more clouds late day and maybe a chance of the snow shower, a snow shower, little flakes moving through tomorrow, we will talk more about that coming up in just a few. >> lauren, thank you. all right. lets give you a shot of welsh road near bethlehem pike near north wales. conditions still looking icy, you can see slick red so do drive with caution. heads up there is an accident earlier on the ramp from 476 northbound to 76 westbound where a vehicle spun out of control. good news that accident is now clear and traffic is moving normally. turning now to a story that is developing this morning in media, delaware county a man is accused of making on line threat begins chester city police officers. officials say 23 year-old
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david milbourne posted threats on both facebook and on instagram. according continue on investigators milbourne was retaliating for yesterday's arrest of the 17 year-old female student who allegedly posted threats about students in chester up land school advertise trick. it is unclear what that condition is between milbourne and that student was arrested yesterday. in south jersey the search is on for a couple, who they say, tried to lure children with candy. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us live at eva sham township police department with surveillance video. police want to you get a look at this car, justin good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the most parents may be how close these two strangers got to these two boys in this case, at least one police say offered the boys candy a and that is when authorities say one boy's instinct kicked in and likely saved them. evesham township police have their eye on this dark sedan, and want to you keep an eye on it too as concerned neighbors are right the now.
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>> we cannot trust our own neighborhood where we feel most safe, which is kind of unfair. >> reporter: back on january 16th, surveillance video shows this dark sedan, driving along a road in the sanctuary development just before 5:00 o'clock p.m. inside a couple, who reportedly approached two boys age ten and 11 playing near a home. >> a male says do you want some candy. the one is 11 year-old has a cell phone in his pocket. he pulls out his pocket. pretend he will make a phone call and said he will call the police. at that time the vehicle leaves. >> reporter: couple is described as a white man in his 60's with gray hair and a woman in her teens with long blonde hair. >> it is not right, like kids need to be left alone. this is our neighborhood we should feel safe where we are. >> reporter: about a half an hour or so earlier, nearby oak lynn police say a couple
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approached three kids and unclear fit is the same couple. however in this case police say both people in the car the man and woman were older and that does detract begins earlier description from the couple in evesham township. erika, back over to you. good time to have a conversation for parents to talk to their kids about this, thank you. investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly what sparked a house fire in burlington county. fire fighters got the call to this home on budd hallow lane in willingboro late last night. one person went to the hospital, for treatment of smoke inhalation. now last week's fire of 21st and locust caused a big scare for many philadelphians. today residents can express their concern that a public safety meeting. numerous city agencies including the fire department, and the the office of emergency management, they will speak about safety and next step following blaze that destroyed 49 story building. meeting will take place at the st. patrick's in center sit friday 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. thinks being called the worst case of animal abuse in
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years. horses a and or animals found in the local farm nearly starving to death. more than a dozen fire fighters helped seven year-old claire to her feet, the horse right there. she's in bad condition with multiple health problems. deliveries one of the dozens of animals rescued from a farm last week and brought to last chance ranch in quakertown. >> fifteen horses, 20 sheep and goats, 25 dogs a pig and cow were seized from this property of dying of starvation. >> pennsylvania state police are investigating, and, and, in word. and, and, developing right now in it or gone standoff, three more members and, that group later is now targeting others to go home. don champion joins us live from new york with latest developments for us, good morning. >> reporter: it is still not clear how many members are still held up but there are reports that some of them were
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seen sitting around a campfire last night the as federal authorities try to deescalate the situation. the leader of the militia also wants it to end, peacefully. three more occupiers of the federal wild life refuge in oregon have been arrested, it is not yet known how many more remain inside. wednesday a day after militia a leader amon bundy and seven followers were arrested they face a federal judge foreseeing the refuge. after a the hearing bundy's attorney read a statement from his client urging remaining occupiers to leave. >> to those remaining at the refuge, i love you. but let us take this fight from here. please stand down. >> reporter: the judge considers bundy and his followers a flight risk and ordered them to remain in custody until a second hearing on friday. they were arrested on tuesday, when fbi agents and police intercepted them on a oregon highway. the bundy's brother ryan was shot and militia spokesmen
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five five-year old le boy sinicum have killed. >> these individual have chosen to threaten, intimidate the america they protest to love. >> reporter: protesters have occupied the national the wild life refuge in burnes, oregon since january 2nd to oppose federal land policies, many in the area want bundy's group to leave. >> i have been led i for them to leave for several weeks now. >> reporter: federal agents, set up roadblocks and had the refuge surrounded. >> and, this morning, there are some questions about the the death of sinicum the militia member killed on tuesday. some members of the militia claim agents weren't justified in shooting him. so far the fbi has in the released any details about that encounter, erika. >> i'm sure we will hear more about this, don champion in new york, thank you. donald trump says he is not changing his mind about boycotting tonight's republican debate. just days before the the iowa caucus, "fox news" channel is airing the the faiths off. trump wanted the cable chan
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toll remove anchor megan kelly as the debate's maryland rate or. fox refused. presidential hopeful ted cruz say trump considers kelly very scary. >> you know, donald is a fragile soul. she might ask a mean question. his had hair could stand on his head. >> cruz challenge trump to a one on one debate but trump dismissed it. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter has fund a new job, he is joining columbia school of international public affairs and professor in urban pol willcy. his daughter, owe live, yeah graduates next year from columbia college. the the university's under graduate arts and sciences school. congratulations. last week nutter was a appoint ed to the federal home land security council as well. still a they had morning april that could change the the way you fill up in the future. also some good smart tans form a human chain, have you seen this, to save a truck driver to fall off i
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pennsylvania turnpike during the snowstorm. hear what one of those heroes had to say about the massive rescue effort. it is one of the philadelphia's main attractions but not just about the food at reading terminal market but it is pretty good. new feature fun for the the whole family just a ahead. more controversy this morning over diversity in hollywood after a white act or is cast to play michael jackson in the n tv movie. we will tell you which actor was coming up.
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an incredible act of courage on the pennsylvania turnpike. good samaritans joined together to save a man's life. group of strangers hook their arms together forming a human chain to keep a tractor trailer from falling off the icy road. the truck driver sailed down the hill to check on the driver. he snapped an amazing picture of the impromptu heroes. >> trying to help this driver, diesel fuel every where, truck is smoking, dangerous scene when it comes down to it and someone is in a catastrophic dangerous situation but for most people their instinct is, i got to help. >> look at the that incredible. >> the driver was pulled to
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safety although he was injured. turnpike is expected to shut down in west moreland county for up to three hours to clear that dangling tractor trail bird seeing those pictures, that takes true courage to put yourself in danger to help a complete stranger. >> scary situation and all of us, enjoy the snowfall but of course it does pose a very hazardous, travel situation. >> icy roads this morning too. >> yeah, icy roads. we have had a lot of snow melt. temperatures are cold this morning. >> overnight a lot have refreezing. watch out walking ash on the walk but it will be a quiet day to day featuring more snow melting, getting a live look at sky cam three at center city philadelphia a all is quiet the and skies are clear this morning. and clear sky conditions but we are still under the cover of darkness as we get a live look from our neighborhood network at rehoboth beach. temperatures chilly down the shore at delaware beaches. we have easterly wind at
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5 miles an hour. we are an hour away from sunrise this this morning. we want sun to come up and warming us up. we are at the 25 in philadelphia right now. temperatures well down in the teens in the lehigh valley. we're at 22 degrees right now. storm scan three that is quiet conditions, nice, crystal clear skies, and calm wind, as well, wind speed generally calm to light out of all of our reporting sites in the area not dealing with the harsh wind chill this morning. different story though heading in to tomorrow afternoon. for today mostly sunny, nice, quiet, cool high of 40 degrees. the sunrise is 7:13. overnight tonight we will see refreezing to 28 degrees. the partly to mostly cloudy conditions but nice light wind speed. we will see wind ramp up into tomorrow afternoon. future weather showing us quiet conditions today. cloud deck does start to increase as we head in the evening hours. we will see a system move off shore but that wrap around
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moisture could bring in a snow snow showers through the the day tomorrow particularly in the poconos but not worry about accumulation. so tomorrow we will be a chilly day, 39 degrees, windy for the afternoon and a few flakes possible but erika, weekend looks greatest specially sunday, sunshine and 48 degrees. >> can't wait for sunday. thanks very much. right now lets look at an accident at off ramp from route 422 eastbound to egypt road in oaks, pennsylvania. you can see flashing lights from the police car. that ramp is partially block there an accident at street road and tillman drive-in bensalem. police and fire departments are on the scene and part of the road is block if you take it. there is a disable tractor trail other partially blocking off ramp from i295 southbound to route 561. well, it seems these days you can get anything on demand, right. from restaurant meals to baby formula. now you can add gasoline to the list. it is one the of the growing
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number of companies that will come up and fill you up but for a fee of course. contact launched its app in the california bay area, we fuel is co founder say they have a special plug in device that sets them apart. >> you just put in your vehicle and we can read tank level, know exactly the position of the vehicle and we can open up the fuel hatch to deliver the the gasoline. >> you may wonder just how much does it the cost to get gas without going to the station. we fuel charges $7.49 delivery fee plus average price per gallon in your zip code. so abot .50 dollars to skip that trip. niagara falls is a wonder of the world but could soon go dry. we will tell but the plan to temporarily shut off the falls. casting uproar in hollywood after a white actor is chosen to play michael jack on in the tv movie. see the controversial choice coming up next.
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a new movie about michael jackson is adding fuel to the fire over the diversity debate in hollywood. joseph finest will portray michael jackson in the upcoming british tv movie. the plot centers around a road trip in which jackson, liz taylor and marlon brando tried to get home from new york to los angeles during the 9/11 terror attacks. it is in the clear if that
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ever did happen. jackson, who was black, suffered from a skin condition, the late singer's skin got white eras he grew older. finest is white and that is what set off the the controversy. he spoke bit on entertainment the tonight. >> i'm a white middle class guy from london, i mean i am as shock as you might be. he definitely had a pigmentation issue and that is something i do believe. he was probably closer to my color then his original color. >> many are calling the casting racist, or insulting, finest says there is nothing discriminatory about the decision. it is dinner and a movie, philly style, i love this reading terminal debuts movies at the market last night. nine vendors stayed opened, although donations were encouraged. all 300 seats sold right on you. while this were staples like preponderance corn and soda we spoke to folks looking for more traditional fare. what are you going to eat tonight. >> maybe a cheese stake. >> i got a ruben. so good.
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>> it is just like everything do i by myself but i got some company and getting to out, and have better food. >> no kidding. great food there. >> last night's film a great one, chef have you seen it yet? event will continue once a in until may. still ahead this morning, we are getting revved up, you might say for philadelphia auto show, still ahead mayor jim kenney drives within of the first vehicles on display and we are getting a look at philly's pope mobile getting ready, you can buy this. also, enjoying a warm up, but my favorite will last for a while lauren, what do you think. >> it will but as we head in the morning hours we are cold but clear and it will give us a good view of the cool sight to check out in the the skies talking about five invisible planets and we will have details on that c
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fiat that everybody loves when the pope cruised around philadelphia this fall are making a return appearance. the reporter mark abrams from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 shows us vehicles used by pope francis are the center piece of the philly auto show. >> reporter: are one of the two black fiat 500l's used by pope frances while in philadelphia in september was driven up the ramp into the main exhibit hall inside of the pennsylvania convention center this afternoon, having a prime spot the in the passenger seat, philadelphia's
6:25 am
performer bobby hill, grooving to tunes and excited to be part of one more event surrounding the pope's visit. >> we are driving in the car and then realize you look in the back seat and that is where pep was sitting when driving every where. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor jim kenney arrived in style in the costume dodge viper once owned by rock singer, john bon jovi. it is kenney's first auto show as mayor and as to that little snow storm last weekend, the mayor says streets, garages are in great shape to handle visitors. >> i urge everyone to come out to the auto show. we have cleaned up all of the snow, pretty much, and it is easy to get in. our main arteries and streets are clear. >> reporter: david is the chairman of the philadelphia auto show. >> auto sales attributable from this event will exceed $3 billion this year and will generate half billion in local and state taxes in the five county a area of philadelphia a. >> reporter: one of the papal fiat his will be auctioned off this friday night, proceeds will will go to archdiocese
6:26 am
charities. the second will be on display touring the entire week of the the show, and a decision could be made by later in the week on that one going to auction as well. reporting from the pennsylvania convention center i'm mark abrams for kyw news raid yes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tomorrow morning, join us, we will put you in the driver's seat. we will take you behind the scenes of the the auto show tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. you do not want to miss this. question is do you ever play fantasy football? you know people take it very seriously and punishment for coming in last for losing can be pretty tough. >> ♪ >> my hat off to this guy, that guy is becoming a internet star for recreating the video of good for you. the poor guy, he laid on the couch, rolled on the floor and
6:27 am
even took a shower, is there a shower scene for you, just like celine, give him credit for keeping a straight face. he is cracking up. hopefully fingers are crossed for his team to do better next season. the creative follow accounts, coming up with that as the what you have to do. >> you give it your all if you have to do it, you put your all in to it. he's feeling the moment. feeling heart break. >> he is. >> taking it all in. >> he will live on the internet forever. sorry guys. >> i he might regret it the some day. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" a philadelphia couple, is calling saving shoveling out their parking spot during the blizzard but that are neighbors don't mind how that simple net attached to the cone sparked kindness in their community. also this the the last g.o.p. debate before the iowa caucus is tonight, i'm marley hall in des moines iowa and ill will's tell what you one
6:28 am
candidate is doing instead of taking the
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good morning, hey, we are warming up, for now at least and lauren, i know there is a 50-degree temperatures in the seven day forecast, we will talk about that. >> yes. >> we have derrick pits to talk about how cool the planets are this time of the morning. we have another clear morning if you want to see all five. >> perfect viewing conditions. you can see with your name eye five plan's lined in the sky. so cool to check it the out if you head out this morning. the bundle up if you want to see it. but it is cool, check it out, look up in the sky, five planet the, there they are mercury, venous, saturn, mars and jupiter looking up in the predawn sky.
6:32 am
we still have some check it the out before sun comes up at 7:13. this will be visible each morning through february 20th, so still have sometime to check it out as we head into the next several weeks. cool sight to see don't even need telescope. view conditions are perfect this morning. storm scan three clear sky conditions only a few clouds just cruising their way along the coast there but otherwise nice and clear but little cold, 25 degrees in philadelphia a, 12 degrees to start off on a thursday morning in a allentown, at 19 in millville, temperature change over the the last 24 hours, big, 15 to 30 degrees, with colder air moving in on the back side of the cold front that came through late day tuesday. for today it will be a cooler day but quieter in a philadelphia, 40 degrees, sunshine, nice light wind not too bad down the shore at 42 degrees. cool day but not too chilly in the poconos at 31. erika you were mentioning we have several 50-degree days in the extended forecast and ill will's let you know when to
6:33 am
expect those, coming up. can't come soon enough, thank you. right now we will take you to let's see we have, we are trying to get chopper three. we have street road is closed at tillman drive-in bensalem because of the accident with entrapment. it is a head on collision at intersection. we are trying to get chopper three to show it the to you. here's that live shot, thinks street road, it the is closed at tillman drive, in bensalem, is there an accident there head on collision. we will bring you update as soon as we have it. york road is closed for an accident at intersection of summit avenue, in hatboro, pennsylvania. we expect to learn more about a delaware county man accused of making threats begins chester city police officers. twenty-three year-old david milbourne is said to have posted these threats on facebook and instagram. according to investigators milbourne was retaliating for yesterday a's arrest of the 17 year-old female student who allegedly posted threats about students in chester up land school district. it is unclear what the
6:34 am
connection is between milbourne and that student arrested yesterday. right now a community's kindness is shining bright after this weekend's major winter storm. the as "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown tells us a family in need is definitely feeling neighborly love. >> reporter: cruising around the streets of rhawnhurst in northeast philadelphia, snow weary residents have marked their spots. >> i dug my spot out. >> reporter: saving shoveled out parking spaces using chairs, and cones. >> this is our cone worth for the terry gilbert this coneys different. her handwritten note comes from a heart wrenching place this spot was shoveled by a cancer pennsylvania patient for himself and his pregnant wife. kindly dig out your own spot, thank you. >> reporter: terry's husband mike was diagnosed with stage four head and neck cancer in november. he shoveled their car out of 2 s past weekend's storm despite his illness.
6:35 am
>> i cannot shovel for you. you will not be able to physically shovel another spot. coneys going out court. >> reporter: terry did something that she has never done before. something philadelphia a police are trying to prevent. saving shoveled out parking spaces. she said she did it because her husband's life saving treatment depend on it. >> he just started radiation on monday, which was the reason why i put the cone. he need to go down to jefferson five days a week. >> i will comply. she's pregnant. the she's sick. why not. have a heart. >> reporter: terry says heartfelt gestures have been pouring in. >> i had a neighbor that i don't know where he lives knocked on our door and left a note saying next time it snows he would love to shovel us out, which has been awesome. >> reporter: for now terry is hoping neighbors and police will understand this open act of defying and open up their hearts at least until the snow melts. there are still mound of snow piling up here in northeast philadelphia but with warmer temperatures snow is melting and terry says next few days
6:36 am
she's hoping to cone won't be a factor. in northeast philadelphia, natasha brown cbs-3 eyewitness news. tonight g.o.p. debate in iowa will go on as planned, minus donald trump. marley hall is in des moines where the the republican front run are plans to hold his own event. with the debate just hours away donald trump is still refusing to attend a point he made clear wednesday night in an appearance on the "fox news" channel. >> will you just consider i want you to consider, all right, think bit. >> bill, this is much tougher being with you, because frankly you are smarter. this is much tougher then doing the debate with megyn kelly, believe me. >> at an event in south caroline, trump continue to take aim at the "fox news" host moderating the event. while in des moines chief rival ted cruz challenged him one on one. >> i will propose a venue
6:37 am
western iowa tech, saturday night, sue city, we have it reserved. >> reporter: while his republican counterparts are on the the debate stage trump will be here on the campus of, drake university, even students who don't support the out spoken candidate are excited about what they are calling the anti debate event. >> you know, as a american citizen i'm worried that he is unable to stand up to one reporter, one moderator, how will he attempt to make america great again. >> reporter: trump's camp says he will will hold fundraiser for veterans on the campus of drake university tonight. at a least one veterans group, the iraq and afghanistan receipt advance of america announced they will decline donations from the event. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:37. the stock market may be down this year but there is actually some great news for investors. it could provide a much needed boost to your bottom line.
6:38 am
cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us from new york. this is terrific news which investor fees are dropping, which ones. >> well those that most directly affect us, the cost of owning a mutual fund is hurdling towards zero. big, huge companies black rock, charles swab, van gar, they are just some of the names in a slashed the annual expenses charged to investors. a a according to the wall street journal more than 100 mutual and exchange traded fund now cost ten bucks or less for every ten grand invested. that a a tenth of 1 percent, far below the fund clocked average of 1 percent. that was cheapest fund are those that attract major index like s and p500, these are referred to as passive funds. >> i'm so happy we are talking about this. it snowball those fees. you don't realize how much money you are losing out on. the now it can add to your profits.
6:39 am
>> absolutely, and economist at the the securities and exchange commission calculated that investors could save, get this, $25 billion a year, or more than 200 bucks per household, simply by switching from an actively managed to pass i have fund. think of it this way, you could increase your return, without any risk, and people are getting the message according to fund research firm morning star investors pulled $200 billion from the more expensive actively managed stock and one funds. and, $400 billion in passively managed fund. that is putting price pressure on the entire industry, average ratios for all stock funds has dropped by nearly 30 5 years. i should mention that actually last year active fund beat performance of index fund but overtime, index fund usually win out for very easy reason, lor fees.
6:40 am
the getting. >> there you you go, every dollar counts, jill, thanks much. >> take care. >> you too. did you see this? new york side of niagara falls may soon go dry at least temporarily. officials are considering diverting water from the falls to work on a bridge replacement project. they say two, 115 year-old pedestrian bridges are crumbling in the rapid. that project will last nine months but still several years away from happening. coming up, when your doctors should and shouldn't prescribe antibiotics. doctor jen will join us on set to tell us when they are necessary. also video of the the giant and, we love him playing in the blizzard in the snow and it went viral but now we are learning how national zoo kept a panda a and other animals safe in 20 inches of snow, also this. in this weeks story of brotherly love woman build like a girl, this workshop help them rebui
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it is video we have been showing for days, giant panda at national zoo rolling around playing in the snow. the it is drawing visitors hoping to see more antics. the as edward lawrence tells us there was zoo keepers working through that storm to keep animals safe. people lined up at the national zoo to see the the star of the video show that went viral during the recent blizzard. >> panda a. >> reporter: 60 million people saw this footage of the and playing in the snow on saturday. >> kind of really laid back guy so he takes it in stride but then he goes rolling down the hill. >> reporter: to the delight of ashley, the the giant panda wanted to be out today. >> he loves the the zoo and the exhibit. she will go to the zoo. >> reporter: zoo staffers worked around the clock to dig out from under 22 inches of snow. this was an enormous amount of snow and we brought an unusual number of people. eighty-five workers spent four nights at the zoo to make sure
6:45 am
animals were safe. new for the first time since the storm all of the animals have more room to rome. and rome they did, bison, and others frolicked in their enclosures and elephants seemed to like the taste of the snow. >> the animals were tropical so they would prefer to be cozy but a lot of them could not wait to get out. >> escaping indoors, but edward lawrence for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it looks like a good snow day, for animals. >> even the animals, panda as, elephant getting out there and enjoying conditions. couple snow days for school kids, but now back to school and back to chillier temperatures in the the weather watchers are reporting some cold conditions this morning. let's check into see is what going on right now west of the city, 16 degrees, in cardington from our weather watcher bill, reporting clear sky conditions but also cold conditions and he noticed we are in the freeze and thaw mode, watch for icy spots on sidewalks, roadways, that is
6:46 am
good advice. we are that you go during day and refreeze ago this snow melt overnight making for very slick conditions during early morning hours and during our morning commute. we will see that again tomorrow morning. we will head out west of the city where it is 7 degrees, this morning. cold start at ed's house. he is reporting clear sky conditions and atglenn and he also is observing burr, a cold one for the morning, our low, here 7.3 degrees, for the overnight low this morning. it is a cold start. we have some clouds in place getting a live view on our neighborhood network of kutztown but as temperatures warm up those cloud will break down but it is cold, 9 degrees right the new but thankfully win speed at 1 mile an hour. so not dealing with the wind chill impact the at kutztown. storm scan three showing us patchy cloud in the area but those clouds are not the producing any precipitation and it will be a dry day through the day today but cool one at that. 25 degrees is your current in
6:47 am
philadelphia, those temperatures down into the teens and lehigh valley, 9 degrees right the now in lancaster and high temperatures today, cool, 40 degrees, cooler then last several days but light wind speeds and sunshine will make it feel not too bad and ever night tonight partly cloudy conditions, chilly down to 28 degrees but wind speeds stay light. future weather showing us quiet weather, increasing clouds as we head in the evening hours and overnight tonight and then we will see a system moving in off shore through the day tomorrow but that wrap around moisture could give us a little bit in the way of snow shower activity. we could see accumulation more so toward the poconos, otherwise quiet conditions and sunshine will return as we head back to the weekend. the. >> lauren, thank you. that sunnies melting snow on the roads. an accident to tell but here in hat the bureau with york road closed near summit avenue. there is an accident with entrapment on street road at till man drive-in bensalem. those lanes are blocked in that area. another serious accident in
6:48 am
delaware is on i-95 northbound right before you hit route 141, and all lanes are block, however traffic is getting by, on the shoulder. this week, woman volunteers are putting on jeans and grabbing power tools to help habitat for humanity. they are calling it woman build week. in this weeks story of brotherly love, "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington are showing women who build like a girl. >> inside we met both veteran volunteers and first timers. they had to change due to the snow but they didn't let that stop them patty peace of perkasie, had 11 years of construction experience under her tool belt. she had has learned as a habitat for humanity volunteer. >> painting, cleaning, putting up drywall, every job. >> reporter: now she's helping to pass on that knowledge to female volunteers.
6:49 am
>> it is a week long project where we empower women to come together and to network, and to learn to build. >> reporter: since 1976 habitat organizations around the world have pick up houses, side by side, with the families who will live there. >> when i first started with habitat for humanity. >> reporter: not anymore month. man build team hope to build on this habitat job site in norristown and massive snow storm shut down the site. so until the streets are cleared about 15 women are building tables and expanding the construction office at habitat for humanity restore in west norriton. >> really getting together and sharing, working as a team. >> reporter: new volunteers are catching up to the veterans. >> we can do the same thing any man can do. >> reporter: to patty it makes sense for women to learn so to help the the future occupant of the home. >> this is just habitat families are single mom or moms and children. women change in the day here.
6:50 am
>> reporter: habitat for humanity in montgomery county hopes to remodel and repair more than 30 homes this year. they say anyone who can lift a hammer can be trained to help. go to cbs to find out more. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. lets check with charlie rose in new york with that preview, hard at work, charlie, good morning. >> good morning, erika, we are covering fall out from donald trump's decision to drop out of tonight a's debate and all of the major news of the day. we will talk about one of the country's top infectious disease specialist and ask him what the government is doing prevent an out break of the zika virus in the u.s. we are at niagara falls with the major proposal to put in a dam to divert part of the massive waterfall. we will go inside national zoo and find out how pandas are doing and how they were kept safe during the blizzard. all that and more, news is back in the morning, see new
6:51 am
ten minutes. >> pandas were having fun, can't wait for that. thanks very much. well, we have all within there, congested, coughing, you just feel miserable. if you are heading tour doctor seeking a antibiotic don't be surprised if your doctor may deny that prescription request. the cdc and american college of physicians are giving doctors some new guidelines when it comes to the use or over use of antibiotics. family physician doctor jennifer cuddle joins with us more on that. this is a a hot issue. people go to the doctor and they want antibiotics but they are not always getting it y is that. >> i'm a family doctor. this happens all the time. patient asks for antibiotics or they don't understand why i'm not. i think most of us have been in that boat. one of the things to keep in mind is being sick does not equal antibiotics as a solution. being sick doesn't mean you have a bacterial infection. as a physicians our job toys make sure we are only giving
6:52 am
antibiotics when we think and we're sure there is a bacterial infection. the that is only time they work. >> what is down fall to over prescribe antibiotics because you get one every time you have a cough or flu. >> that is what we are trying to safe guard against giving them out here and there, you know, giving out cash or giving out something. that is not the a good thing. it is not harmless. antibiotic resistance that people have heard about? what that means is more we use antibiotics a and more we use them inappropriately the smarter bacteria get to be able to evade our treatment. >> lessee effective. >> they become lessee effective. that is not what is g a lot of the antibiotic have side effects. if you are tag an antibiotic and you don't need it you put yourself at risk for diarrhea, rashes, other side effect that is might be harmful for you if i don't get antibiotic you will in the get better would an ant bite nick a number of cases, even make a difference. >> it depend on the underlying
6:53 am
cause. lets look at bronchitis or sore throat or common cold, most of those conditions are caused by virus us. antibiotics don't work against viruses, they only work against bacteria that is the key here. just because we're sick doesn't mean we need antibiotic. they only work with bacteria and most of these are viruses. >> lets say you are not going to the doctor and you have had symptoms for a week, week and a half is that when you need to go to the doctor and get to the root of this. >> there is a couple things you can do at home, if you have a bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, coughing up, feeling in the so good, you can use breathing treatments. there are other decongestants, these are over the count are. i'm talking about adult here. for kid it is different. to talk to your pediatrician. for adults a lot of agents over the counter. if you have heart conditions make sure you get a heart healthy variation.
6:54 am
certificate throat, salt water, you can use lozenges. and sinus infection and stuff like thaw can do neti pots, et cetera. biggest thing as you mentioned if your symptoms are going on and on and on and you have to see a doctor because you might be that person with the bacterial infection. >> always see your doctor to know for sure. >> yes. >> listen to you doctor, thanks so much. >> good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> we will be right back with
6:55 am
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more on the search for a couple whom police say tried to lure children in south jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at evesham township police department with information parents really need to hear, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. evesham township police want parents and children to be on alert, they are looking for a couple as you mentioned last seen in a dark sedan on january 16th. we do have video, surveillance footage, of those dark sedan, driving through, the sanctuary subdivision back on that january 16th evening, and the couple, is inside are described asiana older man likely in his 60's with gray hair and a younger woman likely in her 20's or late teens, with long blonde hair. police say they are, a approaching two young boys age ten and one , and one offering those boys candy, and that 11 year-old pulled out a cell phone and pretend to call police and car drove away and those two people not seen since. half an hour earl their same
6:59 am
day in nearby oaklynn police there report a couple, matching their description, except for the the woman being older did pull over and stop three children there. they also did not find that couple there as well. in two townships police are asking parent and kid to be on alert this morning. back over to you. have a talk with your kid. justin, thank you. want last quick of the forecast. >> cool start, you can see that judge us continue's live shot. forty by end of the day. mostly sunny light wind and cold tomorrow especially when it is windy in the afternoon, 39 degrees. a few flurries, maybe a snow shower possible, weekend looks great warming up to 48 under a a lot of sunshine by sunday and then 50's as we head toward groundhog day. >> hopefully we have good news. >> yes. >> next up on cbs this morning barbie is getting a make over exclusively inside matel and future of barbie and a story you will only see on cbs this morning. reminder to join us bright and every every weekday
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morning at 4:30 a.m. have a great captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump invokes the bible in his feud with fox news. he calls his decision to boycott tonight's debate an eye for an eye. u.s. scientists warn the zika outbreak could become an explosive pandemic. and putting the plug in niagara falls. while the natural wonder could be reduced to a trickle. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. he says he is all mad at everything. fox. >> megyn kelly! >> you are a deal maker. make a deal. >> you're making a big mistake.


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